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Tech Accessories & Supplies, Telecom Numbers & Services, Software Utilities


Tools, Equipment, Tires, Vehicle Accessories, Storage Related Resources

Welcome to The Competence Group, LLC & The Learners Lab Foundations 501c Affiliate Channel Network. The Network is made up of Affiliate Directory listings and OEM Technology & Telco Partnerships. Each of the alignments provide discounted business assets for which we are sincerely appreciative.

These resource connections are placed on their own dedicated site, a Supplies and Tech Hub. Both will provide discount offerings exclusively thru The LLC and/or The Leaners Lab Foundation.

The Affiliate Channel Network

While everyone is welcome, this network of resources was formed by Channel Discount Relationships The LLC and/or The Foundation established specifically to connect its Stakeholder Market of 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses to discounted products, services, supplies, equipment, telecommunications and other business assets. It is “our internal network of Partner & Affiliate Relationship” shared as a courtesy to all our Stakeholders whether our markets of Startups & Small Businesses, the Membership orgs we belong to, Vendors we do business with and or Visitors who’ve learned about our work.

At this time, only PREMIUM AD Signage is available on the “Supplies” side of the Affiliate Channel Network Directory. We are launching Pages as configuration-link testing is completed.


Business, Office and Tech Supplies

On our “Supplies” side of the Affiliate Channel Network Directory is where we will publish every type of resources a business needs to operate. We’re partnering to make everything from office supplies, business services, storage resources, paper products to technology from Logitech a click away, at price points affordable to your startup or small business. And its all available in one place so you don’t have to waste searching.

We lived the same pain as you, that’s why we’ve built this resource and making it openly accessible. So whether its software, storage, signage, computing devices, fork lifts, tires, or training you need, “Supplies” at our Affiliate Channel Network Directory is where you’ll find it.

And when you need domain services or email, no problem. Its been 20 years since we ran an ISP and provided domain registration services. But we’ve partnered up with an ICAAN Certified Registrar and are poised to offer them again. As of September 26th we are officially a domain reseller thru tucows/opensrs. Once training on their system is complete and we’ve configured our service portal, The LLC will be ret-2-go as a Certified Domain Reseller!

Meantime, if you need logo images and are unsure of what to do or how it should look, we’ve also resumed ILS our Interim Logo Services With ILS, we develop several looks for you to try out for as long as you like. Once you decide what you want, a graphic artist can formalize and finalize. Can’t be simpler than that.

Oh yeah, we’ve got Amazon Business Discounts as well. Make sure to check out the Amazon Discount Page and our lending solutions partner, ROK Financial if your Business or Startup can use some financing assistance.


Technology Assets thru the OEM Technology Hub

As for Technology Assets, there’s a lot going on and we have a ton of OEM Partnerships pending. Given each has its own setup and onboarding process, some including cert training, our Tech Hub Network Directory setup and launch is in progress, so Ad availability has not yet been decided.

That being said, we couldn’t be more excited about the OEMS who have accepted our alignment requests. We will post Microsoft, Adobe, Acer and other OEM Partnership logos to the Directory’s Home Page as they become available. So Stay Tuned, its blank now but the TechHub Home Page Link will remain live.

However, we have so many resources on the Supply side we’ve dedicated an entire weekend to get those resource links updated and configured into our online directory format. Once its ready to go-live, Supplies will appear in the main menu of our LLC home page, probably before the Collaborations tab. So watch for it next week as the month of October starts. Thanks for your patience!


Thank You For Your Sponsor & Ad Placements

We have 102 positions to fill with The Learners Lab Foundation and across all its 20+ support charities, roughly 20 of those are ASAP hires. Funds from this site will keep it afloat and cover stipends and other costs. If you’d like to support the Directory, we truly cannot thank you enough for your support! A Signage Ad Brochure is being donated, so stay tuned. It will have all information including rates, tax deductible options, and more. Thanks to our anonymous donor.

Sponsored Charities and Programs

All Directory Signage Funds received will help launch several new charities & charitable programs including a national chamber, an impact solutions forum, Stipends for Interns & Fellows. We’re even charting our own Federal Credit Union.

We’re doing whatever it takes to ensure 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs and the Tax-Exempt Small Business has access to all the business assets, funding, resource, expose and other resources on par with their for-profit siblings even when it means creating it ourselves.

So on behalf of our 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs and the Tax-Exempt Small Business Stakeholders, Thank You for visiting the site and considering its support.


  • A Leg Up For 501c Startups (501cLegUp)™. 501cLegUp™ is an empowerment program to help tech charities by awarding Stipend Projects and paring them Student Interns from another or our programs, Academic Partnership Initiatives (API). 501cLegUp™ Awardees must be young or new in their operations, have a small or volunteer staff, apply to the program to qualify. To learn more about our A Leg Up For 501c Startups program and how it aligns with API, visit its website at https://alegupfor501cstartups.tech.
  • The Academic Partnership Initiative (API)™. API stems from partnership formed with Community Colleges, Minority Serving Institutions (MSI), Voc Ed Institutions and HBCUs from across the country who ARE NOT listed on top of anyone’s academic registry or other ratings system. The Goal is to elevate those students and the academic programs of their institutions into on-the-job training and other exposures for real-time learning experiences on par with that of their peers who are provided endless opportunities because they sit at the top end of everyone’s rating scale. API was stopped by COVID just as it was poised to launch so feel free to visit its website at https://academicpartnershipinitiative.org/ to learn more.
  • Helping Hand Fund (HFF) ™. HHF™ funds, which originate as either donations or revenue from ThriftStore Finds, are spread across the collaborative. Among other things, HHF totally fuels small $1 lending to c startups to help cover small business costs, filing/other fees as funds permit.
  • 501c Startup and Small Business Collective (501cSBC) ™. 501cSBC™ is our moderated impact solutions forum we are publishing as weekly podcast. Subscribers will learn of solutions identified to unforseen problems that disrupted operations. Visit https://501cstartupandsmallbusinesscollective.org/ for more information. Announcements about its launch and opening registration will be posted as soon as our first months scheduling has been completed. Thanks for your patience as we work our offered details.
  • ThriftStore Finds, (TSF)™: TSF is an Online Store Auction & Raffles whose funds fund needs across the collaborative including our Helping Hand Fund. ThriftStore Finds is currently an ongoing fundraising Program, its status as a brick-n-mortar charity is pending. TSF offer handbags (or vases) & scarves purchased from local thrift stores paired with unique jewelry pieces/sets handmade by volunteers who use lapis, pearls, garnet, lava stone, tigers eye and other priceless gemstones, with beads leather, silk & other raw materials. www.ThriftStoreFinds.Auction is the site, check it out.
  • 800 Blow Off Some Steam™: confidential venting service for business executives and owners. Its staffed by Board Leadership, is100% virtual, confidential, available by online appointment with 30 & 45 minute sessions. www.800BlowOffSomeSteam.com
  • The Institute for 501c Entrepreneurial Economic Development™ (The 501c Institute)™ (think tank), and its research center, The Council for 501c/Tax Exempt Entrepreneurial Policy Development and Inclusion™ both will operate from The Fellowship Academy on Leadership and Business Continuity
  • The Fellowship Academy for Leadership & Business Continuity™: The Fellowship Academy is the LLCs original workforce training and adult/education/adult literacy programs combined and on steroids. It is our charitable workforce training incubator. its multidimensional, multilingual career & professional develop center which is supported by The VPL, our virtual private training library and software lab. Because we have so many unique adult/continuing education and professional development resources, The Fellowship Academy is intended to stand alone as an independent credentialing institution. We are currently researching accredited institutions to explore Sponsor us for the 2-year accreditation DOE/DOLs certification cycle and process.
  • The 501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU)™: 501cFCU™ is a forthcoming national credit union established ensure 501cs from startup mode into their small business operations have banking, lending, FinMgmt services totally focused on their unique needs as legal business concerns that just happen to be a 501c. The 501cFCU™ is for this firt ever/first of its kind financial institution dedicated to delivering banking, education, and related services the 501c whether business entity, charitable initiative or special project. We are following the lead of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Founders welcoming contributions from anyone interested in being recognized as a Founding Supporter. To learn about 501cFCU™, its formation, members and more visit www.501cFederalCreditUnion.org



  • a) unless otherwise noted, ALL images, tag line and other such business references are and remain the property of the business or representative as established prior to its appearance in this digital format. We cannot be held responsible for any lack of/misunderstanding or misinterpretation of any image, logo, etc., including those we expressly claim as our own. That responsibility cannot go beyond the individual viewer,
  • b) information on pricing, discounts, product/service availability, and the linkage connection itself is and remains the SOLE responsibility of each Affiliate making the Offer. And while every effort to confirm will be made, The LLC et al, is and remains a separate entity from the Offeror, and therefore can hold no responsibility for any information contained, images displayed, landing environment links provided redirected you, or any other aspect of the connection transaction, without exception
  • c) if broken or misdirected links are experienced, kindly contact the OEM directly given their corporate identity as owner of the product, service, resource or material will be clearly articulated. As well all Affiliate Membership, We will be approved and in contact via neutral party to preserve the integrity of the process and therefore have no knowledge of or interaction with the Offeror to pursue any course of action beyond removal from our directory listing which is what we control.